A discssion on Telangana formation


prantalanu kalapadamu oka adventure, to mix the two regions is a great adventure, spilt the same is a cruel , now it separated, what greatness, and benefit got to the telangana people,. a rickshaw puller or poor people became a rich, nothing, only kcr family wants to occupy the CM seat, , phani you are talented, any body stopped you, actually Andhra region including your guru, nanduri also appreciated, vidhwan sarvatra pujyate, see after ten years, again the two regions will be united, like Germany, it is true, it is my wish, we want Lord venkateshwara swamy must be in our region, my conscious is not accepting that the god is in our neighbour region, some wonder will be happened, and the god lord venkateshwaraswamy will come in to our total region, selfish is not a great, sacrifice is a great, I love telugu, I like telugu, my mike is telugu, my voice is telugu, if any body see telugu is separate. I cant tolerate, jai telugu talli. 


If splitting of two regions is cruelity, why Lord Krishna wanted split of Hastinapura Kingdom and executed Rayabaram for giving Pandavas their due share of land? Why Lord Rama encouraged Sugreeva to fight with his own brother Vali, for his share of Kingdom? Can you answer? It is to eliminate domination of one over the other and do justice. That is what called ‘Dharma Samsthaapana’!

You are asking that what we have got after split of the state. It is a too early question to be asked. Results can not be seen immediately. Even Winston Churchill laughed at Indians the same way while giving independence. But now, India is a better economy than England. 

You are saying no one stopped me in my growth. In fact our family is the most suffered in combined A.P. state. My father fought against Govt. of A.P. for almost 15 years for his promotion to D.E.O., in Lower Court, High Court and even in Supreme Court. He won the case and proved that injustice was done to Telangana teachers, when compared Seemandhra teachers. Still complete justice was not given to him, as they could not correct the mistakes done by Govt. after such a long time. He could never become D.E.O. in his life time. I did not get my Engineering seat due to misinterpretation of rules. You know that after 85% of local seats, I was also eligible for remaining 15% unreserved seats. But the Seemandhra Officials filled the seats totally with Seemandhra students, by saying that they were non local seats. My daughter did not get seat in Medicine, due to unjustified and unequal educational opportunities to Telangana students in the combined state for which you are pleading that it should not be split. Can you answer why in O.U. region the last Govt. seat should be alloted for student below 500 rank? (In this also, more than half are occupied by Seemandhra settlers.) Where as, in A.U.region it is 1600 and in S.V.U. region it is 2000 (where almost all are filled with Seemandhra students). 

Even after that, we are happy with our positions achieved by our hard work and by overcoming situations prevailed with injustice. But that is not the case with all other middle class people in Telangana.

Also think once! What about the poor people in Mahaboobnagar, who are migrating to other districts and other states for their daily lively hood? What about the poor people in Nalgonda who are suffering from Florosys disease, though river Krishna flows through their district ? What about the unemployed youth of Adilabad, Nizamabad, Warangal and other Telangana districts, as most of the jobs in Hyderabad are filled by Seemandhra people, violating all Mulki rules, 6 pt. formula and G. O. 610.?

If one is not raising his voice, because his stomach is full, then that is called selfishness. I can not be selfish like that. 

You are reminding me that “Vidwan sarvatra poojyate”. It is fine! But, when the society around me is suffering like this, do you want me to write poetry on the moon and flowers and get appreciation? Hell with such an appreciation! 

I respect my Guru … Dr. Nanduri Ramakrishnamacharya. I have many Seemandhra friends and I love them. That doesn’t mean I kill my conscience and accept injustice.

You are talking about Lord Venkateswara Swami. God is there in Badrinath, which is not in my state. God is in Ayodhya, which is not in my state. God is there in Dwaraka, which is not in my state. God is in Srirangam, which is not in my state. So as that, God is in Tirumala. Don’t add regional feelings to God. He is every where!

You are talking as if, only you love Telugu. Even I too love Telugu. May be more than what you do. But it does not mean that it should be in one state. If that is the case, what about the Telugus who are living in other states and other countries? Do you think they hate Telugu? Please don’t propagate wrong ideas.

You very well know that I am a Telanganavadi from long long years. But you never discussed this with me earlier. Why are you discussing this now? I know … because like many Seemandhrites, you also thought this would never happen. And you are not able to digest it. 

Finally one thing I would like to say – 
Who am I? Who are you? It is the God who do justice… the Dharma Samsthapana! And that is going to take shape on 2nd June 2014 in the form of Telangana State!!


– Dr. Acharya Phaneendra


2 వ్యాఖ్యలు (+add yours?)

  1. vamsi
    మార్చి 09, 2014 @ 17:59:59

    it’s good


  2. Dr.Acharya Phaneendra
    మార్చి 10, 2014 @ 14:29:31

    Thank you Vamsi garu!



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