Single Sentence Delights (Part 2 )

నా ’ వాక్యం రసాత్మకం ’ అనే ’ ఏక వాక్య కవితల సంపుటిని ఇటీవల ప్రొఫెసర్ ఐ. వి. చలపతిరావు గారు [ Former Registrar, Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages ] మరియు శ్రీ జి. రామకృష్ణారావు గారు[ Former Director of Translations, Govt. of A.P. ] కలసి, ఆంగ్లంలోకి Single Sentence Delights పేరిట అనువదించారు.

ఆ గ్రంథంలోని కొన్ని ఏక వాక్య కవితలు  …

Telugu Poet Dr. Acharya Phaneendra’s


” Single Sentence Delights “

[ Part 2]

* Isn’t it innocence building permanent houses to pass short lived lives ?

* Strangely, all paths lead to graveyard.

* What for you run after through out life, is not yours at the end of life.

* Time is a warrior, who never shows his back.

* The knife of Time has two edges – past and future.

* Open the doors of future and bathe in the rays of hope.

* Death is a lover, who awaits life long.

* Poverty fixes shackles of slavery on tender hands.

* A happy marital life is like  a poem of pleasant thougts and letters.

* News paper is a bird, which alights at your front door, tying the whole  world to its wings.

* At the crack of dawn – damn povrty ! reminds of hunger.

* Rich man’s rupee converts poor man’sblood into sweat.

* Machine is man’s creation and man is God’s macine.

* Heartless man hangs the bag on his fingers,  which bears all the weight in its heart.

* Thrown into the dust by man, a seed serves him by growing into a tree.

* One can not be a poet, who does not know the nature of moist eyes.

* In the statement of life, disease is a ‘ comma ‘ and death is a ‘ full stop ‘.

* The tree bends down its branches and salutes the mother earth, which gave birth to it.

* The News paper looks to me red, with full of blood stains.

* That dimple on cheek ! has any plucked the flower of smile ?




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