Single Sentence Delights

నా ’ వాక్యం రసాత్మకం ’ అనే ’ ఏక వాక్య కవితల సంపుటిని ఇటీవల ప్రొఫెసర్ ఐ. వి. చలపతిరావు గారు [ Former Registrar, Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages ] మరియు శ్రీ జి. రామకృష్ణారావు గారు[ Former Director of Translations, Govt. of A.P. ] కలసి, ఆంగ్లంలోకి Single Sentence Delights పేరిట అనువదించారు.

ఆ గ్రంథంలోని కొన్ని ఏక వాక్య కవితలు  …

Telugu Poet Dr. Acharya Phaneendra’s


” Single Sentence Delights “

[ Part 1 ]

* Alphabets conjoin and meaning is born.

* Two lives .. three knots … four witnesses …. marriage unites.

* It is the eyes that see and it is the heart that experiences.

* Heart moves – tears trickle down.

* I am leaving, leaving my imprint on you.

* Cot is the mother that puts one to sleep in her lap.

* Life is a black and white picture with delights and disasters.

* A tiny box turns the whole house into chaos.

* The earth carries the past history as a cemetery.

* Like a monkey, mind is fickle.

* I am in love and my language is ‘ sacrifice ‘.

* How did mother earth get guts and fortitude to carry mountains on its bosom.

* Eyes are the windows, the mind peeps through.

* That fresco is a silent poem.

* Dowry is a bribe given to the groom for living with him for his happiness.

* The moon is a lover tirelessly turning around the beauty queen, the earth.

* Ask the tears to tell about the worth of warmth.

* I’m genteel, still stones are pelted on me.

* Life is a kite in the sky of society.

* Cool breeze whispers and calm body feels jubilant.

* Earth turning round the sun – the moon turning round the earth – an unending triangular love story.

* The sculptor’s dream is revealed in the stone.

* Container’s black colour does not darken the white milk.

* Churn life and get the butter of experience.

* I knew the taste of tears, in my very childhood.

* Soil turns into man and finally man is reduced to soil.

* Rising from sleep, moving around and back to sleep – is what life.

* Man depends on his mother in childhood and on his wife in later years and yet calls woman as weaker sex.

* Crying children grow up, make their parents cry.

* By the time the eyes opened, half the life runs out.

* Though trampled, footpath shows the way.

* Morning is the boon granted by the sun to the world.

* The bus is moving like a pregnant woman, in labor pains.

* Although crores are spent on the film, the heroine does not have enough clothes on.

* Life is man’s signature on the document of light endowed by the sun.

* Poet is my name and my poem is my visiting card.

—  ***  —

2 వ్యాఖ్యలు (+add yours?)

  1. padmarpita
    ఆగ 31, 2009 @ 13:34:30

    Sir….these Delights are brighting like mercury Lights:)


  2. Dr.Acharya Phaneendra
    ఆగ 31, 2009 @ 19:17:32

    Thank you very much Padma garu !



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